Megan McGlynn

Baker // Owner

In an effort to “find myself” during a corporate sabbatical in 2008, I landed myself a baking position in a top San Francisco Bay Area bakery. While at the time I only knew how to make a cake out of a box, the owner of the bakery took me under her wing and taught me the fundamentals of baking. I discovered my affinity for creating beautiful pastries and loved seeing the look on customers’ faces as they took their first bite of heaven that I had a hand in making. From there, I continued to work my craft through studying cookbooks, online media and lots of trial by error.

All of my pastries are made from scratch, with local products whenever possible. I strive to make each cake design and dessert bar menu unique and reflective of my clients’ vision for their events. A wedding cake is so much more than cake. It's a piece of art on which I spend many hours planning, baking and decorating. Every cake is made from scratch and with lots of hope for you and your spouse to enjoy a lifetime of love, friendship and adventure.

In 2014, I opened Scout’s Bakeshop in San Jose, California. Upon returning to my hometown of Loudoun County in 2016 to raise my family, I was excited to continue my craft in the town that helped shape me. In addition to owning Scout's Bakeshop, I serve as the Pastry Chef at Bluewater Kitchen. Learn more about our partnership.

You're probably wondering, "Who's Scout?" You're looking at her. My husband nicknamed me "Scout" when we began dating, and it stuck. My dream of opening Scout's Bakeshop wouldn't be possible without his support. We reside in Ashburn, VA with our spunky 6 year old daughter.


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